Friday, July 31, 2009

ok, seriously

this whole "intuitive eating" concept still eludes me. it has been roughly 2 years since we started this blog...and i believe i am probably heavier than i was in fall 2007. actually, i know i am. the pants don't lie.

i've been putting off getting on the scale for...18 months? i hate the numbers game. but i am starting to think that maybe i need to. harumph.

i quit WW online awhile back because the points system was driving me nuts. but, now i'm starting to think i should go back...i need to journal and keep track of what goes in my mouth.

good news is, i've maintained whatever number i'm at for...18 months. i am still technically a 32 in jeans, and a size 12 dress/skirt/pants....but i find some of those 12's to be *very* squishy and constricting. (i.e. shouldn't be worn out of the house.) in fact, there is just 1 pair of jeans that i like wearing, and i have 6 skirts/pants that i feel comfy wearing. yikes. i'd just like to be able to pick up anything in my closet and put it on without worrying about muffin tops and other unsightly bulges.


so. to weigh in, or not to weigh in? to WW or not to WW? those are the questions.