Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Status Update

pants: tight

motivation level: low

fear of bathing suit level: extremely high

laziness level: high

sigh. i went to san francisco and napa valley last week and had possibly the best food week of my entire life.

the french laundry--check
bouchon bakery--check check
chez panisse--check check

oh. my. gosh. i heart thomas keller and alice waters. to die for.

and now i am feeling the after-effects. and my mouth is craving baked goods and things made with lots and lots of delicious butter, and oil, and cream and...i digress.

so. time to get serious. yet again. i just feel so blah about the whole diet and exercise department lately. i'm sick of being a dieter, of thinking about calories and constantly feeling like i need to exercise more or eat less or something. boo.


Mary Sailors said...

I hear you on the pants tight, motivation low post! Keep it up though, don't give up! Hope to see another post soon! Mary

anna said...

ha ha. you make me laugh. that's some kind of a scale you have!

i think we are the same size...i'm interested in this blog of yours...